RT @PacificCommand: #USAF B-1B Lancer #bombers on Guam stand ready to fulfill USFK’s #FightTonight mission if called upon to do so…

Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!

RT @foxandfriends: Trump fires new warning shot at McConnell, leaves door open on whether he should step down

RT @foxandfriends: Senators learn the hard way about the fallout from turning on Trump

RT @foxandfriends: FOX NEWS ALERT: 2 US drone strikes in Somalia target Al Qaeda and Al-Shabaab

"Trump approval rebounds to 45%, surges among Hispanics, union homes, men"

.@IvankaTrump will lead the U.S. delegation to India this fall, supporting women’s entrepreneurship globally. #GES2017 @narendramodi

Mitch, get back to work and put Repeal & Replace, Tax Reform & Cuts and a great Infrastructure Bill on my desk for signing. You can do it!

RT @foxandfriends: FOX NEWS ALERT: North Korea responds to U.S. with Guam attack plan as Secretary Mattis warns Kim Jung Un “he is gro…

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Can you believe that Mitch McConnell, who has screamed Repeal & Replace for 7 years, couldn't get it done. Must Repeal & Replace ObamaCare!

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